Chakra Power Necklace

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Access your inner power and brighten every chakra in your body with this stunning Chakra Power necklace.

Access Your Inner Power

This necklace features a yogi meditating in full-lotus posture with all 7 chakras aligned.

With focused intention and chakra activation, energy becomes increasingly radiant as it moves up the spine.  This is what the masters mean when they speak of kundalini rising.

True power comes from within and wearing this piece can help you access your inner power, brightening all seven chakras in the body.

The Chakra Power necklace is for:

  • Raising kundalini, the energy of the consciousness
  • Magnifying chakra energy systems in the body
  • Accessing inner power

 About This Pendant

  • Elegant 20 inch (50cm) link-chain
  • Diameter 1.1 inches (2.8cm)
  • Choose Antique Bronze, Black or Silver Plate

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