Spirit of Enlightenment Necklace

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Open the crown chakra and connect to the Spirit of Enlightenment with this necklace.

Spirit of Enlightenment Necklace

Enlightenment doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s simply about changing your mind regarding the way you see things.

Wear this necklace to remind yourself to stay elevated in thought. Shades of purple connect to the crown chakra; it’s through this energy center that you can access enlightenment.

Allow spiritually-crafted jewelry to be a tool for your path to higher consciousness.

The Spirit for Enlightenment necklace can:

  • Help you to raise your vibration
  • Focus the mind
  • Open the crown chakra

About This Pendant

  • Elegant 20 inch (50cm) link-chain
  • Diameter 1.1 inches (2.8cm)
  • Available in antique bronze, silver plate

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